Personal Project: Holiday Madness

It’s January 9th and the holidays are officially over. It’s been one month since my last project post, and I’m just now finally getting some time to post again. Part of the problem was that I didn’t want to put up any images of gifts until I had given them. The other part of the problem was that I was just extremely busy.

Never fear, lovely readers, for I am back with news from the distant past – aka December 2016. So distant, yet it feels like it was just yesterday. In this blog, I’ll be talking about all of the projects that I took on this season, and how they’ve lead me down new and different artistic paths.


Personal Project: Kiddie Corner

As you may have read in my Thankful Thirty post, my nephew turned two on Thanksgiving. The boy loves a lot of things – Choo-choos, beep-beeps, Mickey, Pokemon, and Paw Patrol, to name a few. As part of his gift, I got him a little plush Pikachu, something that we both share a love of. The second part of his gift was a drawing of him, Pikachu, and Chase from Paw Patrol. Being a two year old boy and suddenly immersed in a pool full of new toys, he hardly had the time to even look at the picture (which was to be expected), but I hope he’ll grow to appreciate said picture.


Colorization Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take a black and white image and turn it into a realistic looking colored one. The process is pretty similar to a digital coloring book. I find it to be quite relaxing and a great way to get creative with color.


29.Nov.1612:00 pm

The Thankful Thirty

Today is the American holiday Thanksgiving. As an American, you better believe that I’m going to be spending time with my family and shoving my face full of mashed potatoes. Though the food is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, it’s important that we spend some time reflecting on all of the things we have to be grateful for. Too often we get consumed by the negatives and stress in not only this holiday, but life in general. I encourage you all to do your own thankful thirty, but I thought I would take this time to share mine.


24.Nov.1610:00 am

Adobe After Effects: An Under Appreciated Program

Let’s be clear here – by “an under appreciated program,” I mean specifically by me. I am nothing short of an Adobe fangirl. I have spent too many hours to count playing around in Photoshop, creating logos in Illustrator, coding websites in Dreamweaver, designing page layouts in InDesign, and editing videos in Premiere. So why is it that I’m just now discovering all of the amazing and fun things you can do with After Effects? Let me take you on a journey of my past week.


21.Nov.1612:00 pm

A Beautiful Blog by a self-proclaimed Amazing Girl

Writing introductions is so intimidating. This is the first time you, the reader, are getting to know me. Do you know how much pressure that is? As a rambler, it’s near impossible for me to write a short and succinct, yet entertaining, introduction about myself and this blog – but that’s what I’m about to attempt to do.


15.Nov.161:42 pm