Treasure Sharing: Joining SkillShare

I’m a nerd. I watch video tutorials on YouTube for fun that teach me how to draw, design, or use various adobe cc programs because it gets me inspired. As John Green has said, “When people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘You like stuff,’ which is not a good insult at all.” see full quote1. So if you “like stuff” too, then SkillShare is going to be an amazing resource for you.


How To Use a PSD Mockup

If you’re reading this post and somehow missed the last one, let me start by saying that I have released a Lettering Display Mockup Pack that can be edited in Photoshop. You can find it here, $10 for 4 files. Whether you choose to download these mockups or others similar to it, you might be wondering how to use them. Sure, they sound easy on paper – but if you’re not familiar with Photoshop, they might be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first. If this sounds like you, then read on.


Colorization Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to take a black and white image and turn it into a realistic looking colored one. The process is pretty similar to a digital coloring book. I find it to be quite relaxing and a great way to get creative with color.