Jordyn Nehmsmann | johr-dn neyms-men • (n)

1. Web Designer
2. B.S. Degree in Web and Interactive Media
3. Lover of polka dots and friend to all giraffes.

I blog because I can, I ramble because I can’t help it, and I design because I love it.

I am a blogger. I have started over ten blogs and resource sites for various reasons over the past ten years, and long story short – hopefully this one sticks. I am a blogger. From a very young age, I’ve always enjoyed writing and even grammar – ew. yes grammar. I am a blogger. Mixing together design, code, social media, internet marketing, and the Internet in general is everything I want to do.

Obsessed with Gilmore Girls, geometric shapes, gold foiling, the color mint, Set It Off, chocolate, giraffes, Belle, Splatoon, and white chocolate mocha coffee.

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