The Birthday Girl

You know the worst thing about turning 26? No, it’s not the existential dread setting in as I am getting further and further into my “mid-twenties”. It’s not that 90% of the people I surround myself with (including my boyfriend) aren’t even 25 yet, making me feel even older. No. It’s the fact that I work at a company too small to offer health insurance, and am thus getting kicked of my family plan and have to find my own. Adulting is scary.

In America, you get to stay on your parents’ health care until you turn 26. Pretty much exactly to the day. It’s like a big “Happy Birthday, Jordyn. Now turn on that switch to be a self sufficient adult who has to make her OWN phone calls to the doctor”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find living off your parents forever acceptable. It’s just an overwhelming process that I know almost next to nothing about. And like taxes, it’s something I have to do – no matter how much I don’t FEEL like it.

Besides all of that doom and gloom, my birthday is on a Monday this year. This isn’t a big deal though, as I spent the weekend with my family and loved ones. While the last birthday party I had was for my 16th/17th birthday (yes, you read that right. I wasn’t able to have a 16th birthday party because my birthday fell right in the middle of marching band season. To combat this the following year, I had my birthday party in August and called it my 16th/17th birthday.), we still have a shared family party for my sister and I. I think no matter how old I get, this will always be a necessary tradition.

So today is my birthday. I am sitting at work, doing my thing, and constantly reminding everyone that it’s my birthday. I want to take this opportunity to write 26 things I hope to accomplish in the following year. While there might be a few things about this milestone that have me down in the dumps, I’m determined not to overlook all of the amazing things turning 26 can mean as well. I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me.


  1. 01. Have stayed in the same job for a year+
  2. 02. Have actually decorated my apartment with more pictures and lettering/art
  3. 03. Be engaged. (to my amazing boyfriend, of course)
  4. 04. Have a puppy best friend for Milo.
  5. 05. Have improved in calligraphy.
  6. 06. Have set up my business and started making some money through it.
  7. 07. Have a new MacBook Pro & iPad Pro + Apple Pencil (a girl can dream, right?)
  8. 08. Feel more confident in who I am and where my life is heading.
  9. 09. Have made a course on SkillShare… maybe?
  10. 10. Have continued to develop my web design abilities, skills, and talents.
  11. 11. Have saved up a bit more money.
  12. 12. Have gained at least one new friend.
  13. 13. Continue1 to be an amazing aunt, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and friend to all of those whom I love most.
  14. 14. Have read John Greens book cover to cover and stop sucking so much as a Nerdfighter.
  15. 15. Have stayed committed to my lettering, my posting, and my memory/bullet journal.
  16. 16. Be healthier. Eat Better.
  17. 17. Not cry a little on the inside every day I realize I’m getting closer and closer to being 27.
  18. 18. Not be tired all the dang time (good luck with that)
  19. 19. Have built on my personal relationships and made them stronger.
  20. 20. Have done at least one thing out of my comfort zone.
  21. 21. Have trained Milo to STOP EATING CORDS!!!
  22. 22. Drink more water. Every. Day.
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26.
  27. 1 At least I THINK I am? I haven’t heard any complaints thus far.

30.Oct.173:35 pm