Why I’m Starting Yoga, and How it’s Helping my Creativity

I’m going to get very personal for a moment here – I suffer from anxiety and depression. I go through periods just about every day where I lose motivation, hope, and my normal positive outlook on life and the future. It’s very hard to find the will to function when all you can think is “what’s the point?”. Anyone who has had to deal with anxiety and depression can relate to the feelings that consume your whole body and eat away at your mind. As you can probably imagine, it’s pretty hard to let your creativity flow when you’re in that state.

So let’s jump forward to much more happy and positive things – because dwelling in the negative isn’t helping anyone.

Your worst enemy is procrastination – and it’s an act that I am far too comfortable in. I’ve pretty much lived my life in procrastination… big project due in a month? I’ve got 3 weeks until I need to worry about it again. Half of my senior capstone project still needs to be done? Eh, I’ve got the whole day to work on it before my presentation. This boss in this game is really annoying and hard? I’ll just come back to it later. I’ve always been able to put things off, but still get them done by the deadline. But what happens when there is no deadline?

This is essentially why I’ve spent the past 2 years telling myself that I want to get healthier. I want to eat better, exercise more, and organize my life. Here’s a little advice from me to you – if you want to be healthier, you have to actually DO it. Getting started is hard; sticking with it is even harder. So, as Shia Lebeouf would say, Just Do It. And I did. I decided to start yoga, and I couldn’t be more happy that I made that decision.

My friends pointed me in the direction of Yoga with Adrienne, and I’m so grateful for that. She’s easy to understand and follow, and I’m able to focus on my body instead of trying to figure out how to do everything. The practice of daily yoga has helped me to stretch my body (much needed in a profession that involves sitting for 90% of the day), be mindful of my posture throughout the day, regulate and calm my breathing, and help better my mindset. I feel like I’m taking a step forward in the direction I want to be heading, and that in and of itself helps create positivity. I urge you to take a small step towards a goal you have: health, family, friends, career, etc.

With the positivity and calm that I am gaining from dedicating 30 minutes a day to yoga, I am able to focus much more clearly on my digital art and hand lettering. I’ve only been doing this for a week, but it’s already helped so much. Being mindful of my body, breathing, and thoughts gives me something to set my mind to when it just wants to shut down.

I still struggle every day, but taking steps to achieve this health goal really helps me to soak in the positive feelings that radiate from it. Just do it, guys. Procrastination may be fine on that stupid term paper due in 2 weeks, but not in your personal life. Make the changes you want to see. You’ll be better off for it.

*image by https://thoroughlyreviewed.com – I tried to use a personal photo, and then quickly realized that I am not ready to document that.*

27.Mar.1712:00 pm