Personal Project: Kiddie Corner

As you may have read in my Thankful Thirty post, my nephew turned two on Thanksgiving. The boy loves a lot of things – Choo-choos, beep-beeps, Mickey, Pokemon, and Paw Patrol, to name a few. As part of his gift, I got him a little plush Pikachu, something that we both share a love of. The second part of his gift was a drawing of him, Pikachu, and Chase from Paw Patrol. Being a two year old boy and suddenly immersed in a pool full of new toys, he hardly had the time to even look at the picture (which was to be expected), but I hope he’ll grow to appreciate said picture.

I got the idea to draw Hunter and two of his favorite characters a while back. I drew and colored both Pikachu and Chase at the end of October, and then revisited the drawing when I drew the final picture for Hunter. The process I took was pretty simple and straight forward, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway.

The Process

  1. 1. First I sketched out how I wanted Hunter to be sitting in the picture. I found reference photos of both Pikachu and Chase sitting, but I had to look up a few “Chibi sitting” reference photos to get an idea of how I could fit them all together.
  2. 2. After deciding that, I got a sheet of printer paper, sketched and then drew out the three of them sitting there. That took a bit of erasing and redrawing, but I finally was able to settle on a sketch. (which is pretty hard for a perfectionist).
  3. 3. I then went back to my sketch book to get an idea of how I wanted to write out the quote. The quote in and of itself was hard enough to come up with, but I thought it was fitting (and oh-so-true). I picked my important words (always and loved), and used hierarchy in the form of size and different fonts to make them stand out. I also spent some time drawing “always” and “loved” in my favorite hand lettered font, so I could get the flow just right. When I was happy with it, I added it below the character design on the printer paper.
  4. 4. Since I don’t have any carbon or tracing paper, I used my 4B charcoal pencil to color the back of the copy paper where my design was, and then retraced the sketch on top of card stock.
  5. 5. I traced over the faint lines on the card stock with my fine liners, and almost forgot to add line weight – oops!
  6. 6. With the line art all done, I used my prisma colored pencils to color the characters in. Since I had already drawn Chase and Pikachu previously, I had colors picked out (which was a super big help). I started with Pikachu and then went right (since I’m right handed and didn’t want any smudges).
  7. 7. Finally, I cut out the image 5×7 with a paper cutter. For future reference, it probably would have been smarter to cut the paper first, or even draw it in the corner instead of the center – but it still worked out.

Things I Would Change
I am happy with the overall outcome, but there are still a few things that bother me. One of those things is that I completely spaced when I was tracing Pikachu in pen – I ended up completely covering the opening to his right ear. There are also a few places where my pen went a little too far out for line weight. When it comes to inking, there really is no room for forgiveness, so you just gotta own it and move on. I also got super frustrated with drawing Chase’s face. I’ve never been quite good at drawing dogs. But alas, I try. I also wish I had seen what the quote would have looked like if I had brought the “l” up the entire height of the “You will always be”. That’s just a little thing, but it might have made it look more even.

Somehow, my little baby nephew is already two years old. It feels like just yesterday that his mom and I were constantly having sleep overs, playing red light green light in my hallway, and hanging out at our parents’ social gatherings. Being at his parties (both the one with all of his friends at the trampoline park, and the one with all of his family at his grandparents’ house) was such a great time. He and all of his friends and cousins bring me so much joy. Their happy faces – their little voices – the way they want to explore every little thing. I love it.

I really enjoyed drawing this. It was a huge hit among all of the adults, as well. If you’re stuck on what to do for Christmas gifts, I would suggest something like this. It’s nothing big or fancy, but it could still really go a long way. Happy December, everyone!

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