Adobe After Effects: An Under Appreciated Program

Let’s be clear here – by “an under appreciated program,” I mean specifically by me. I am nothing short of an Adobe fangirl. I have spent too many hours to count playing around in Photoshop, creating logos in Illustrator, coding websites in Dreamweaver, designing page layouts in InDesign, and editing videos in Premiere. So why is it that I’m just now discovering all of the amazing and fun things you can do with After Effects? Let me take you on a journey of my past week.

It started with my interest in creating a short intro for my Tutorial Tuesday videos (first one will be added next week, get excited!). I wanted something more personalized than anything I could have done in iMovie or Premiere. I managed to stumble upon the After Effects tutorials corner of YouTube, and since then have spent probably 5+ hours watching all of the amazing effects that you can create. Surprisingly, these detailed creations don’t seem that hard to replicate. I’m just going to leave a few of these here to pique your interest.

Adobe After Effects is a little different than the other programs that I’m used to. While there isn’t a huge learning curve, there are issues I’ve already run into like short keys doing different things than I’m used to, and settings not located where I’m expecting them to be. Unfortunately, the fact that I’m so excited about this has caused me to jump over the learning part, and just dive in with projects. I suppose it might go a little smoother if I actually took the time to learn how to properly maneuver the program. But who got time fo’ that?

I created this video mostly as a practice, get-to-know-the-program, kind of project. I had the idea of a simple animated heart (because I love line animations like that), and I kinda threw in some of the other things I’ve been learning to spice it up. It really is a great way to experiment and learn what does what. The font I used was Tw Cen MT (one of my long-time-ago favorites). Thought it fit the cuteness of the whole mood. The song is from Bensound, which is a great site for royalty free songs if you’re in the market for some.


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Happy Monday, ya’ll! Hope you have a good week. If you’re interested about learning more about Adobe After Effects, comment below! I’d love to share my excitement with you.

21.Nov.1612:00 pm